Add Bank Details

Here’s a Step-by-Step Guide for Adding Bank Details to the System. This can be used for getting your Earnings from the System:

We're here to provide you a Step-by-Step Guide on how will a customer pay with a PayPal:

STEP 1 - Sign in Your ISIP Account
    • Here is the sign-in page of ISIP
    • Tap the Facebook Logo to automatically sign in with your ISIP account

STEP 2 - ISIP Account
    • You are now signed in with ISIP
    • Here, you can see your account
    • Tap the 3 lines-button to view menus

STEP 3 - Selecting All E-Commerce
    • Viewing the menus, select All: E-Commerce menu

STEP 4 - Selecting All: Bank Account
    • Here is the “All E-Commerce” menu, select All: Bank Account

STEP 5 - Adding New Bank Account – Part 1
    • All the Bank accounts details and statuses will be viewed here
    • Let’s add a new Bank account by tapping the Add New Bank Account button

STEP 5 - Adding New Bank Account – Part 2
    • Let’s add bank details by:

    – Select a Bank Name by tapping on dropdown icon (What bank do you have)

    – Enter Bank Branch (What branch did you open your account)

    – Enter your Account Name

    – Enter your Account Number

    • When you’re done, tap Add Bank Account

STEP 6 - Bank Account Has Been Added
    • Your bank account has been added!
    • It will be placed in the Pending Tab.
    • ISIP will verify your account.
    • You can also delete this bank details by tapping the x button on the left side.

STEP 7 - Bank Account Statuses
    • You can check statuses of your Bank details by tapping the options tab
    • You can see which are:

    – Pending

    – Approved

    – Verified

    – Removed

    • You can add more Bank accounts if you wish to. If you still need more guide, you can go back to Step 5.