All-in-one e-commerce system that gives complete online shopping experience built on Facebook Messenger, Viber and business website.

Seamlessly accept orders via social social media sites, plan deliveries, track orders and manage cash flow in just one platform.

Reach and advertise business to online community thru shared posting on Facebook pages. Build strong online presence to attract large volume of potential buyers.

Online Payment Gateways

Offer multiple payment options such as cash-on-delivery, online banking, Paypal, 7-11 Cliqq and more to facilitate automatic payment.

Customizable Templates

With Drag and Drop feature-make it your own and tailor-fit the conversation flow according to your business. Ask the right question, prioritize best sellers and promote deals –100% full control on your chatbot.

Real-time Customer Support and
Live Chat Take Over

24/7 assistance to customer queries,FAQs, feedback and reduce the cost of human support representatives. Take over the conversation with Live Chat for complicated concerns.

Sales & Coupon Management

Manage and accept exclusive coupon discounts and other promotional marketing tools to woo customers into buying your products.

E-Commerce Mobile App for Your Business

Start selling on mobile and let your customers shop on their devices with a complete e-commerce mobile app. Increase your sales faster and smarter through mobile-friendly on-the-go product selection that allows your customer to freely navigate.
Set up your social media e-commerce with mobile app to sell across all online market places.

Go Live in just 2 minutes! No Paperwork Needed

Start your own Social media e-commerce and begin managing everything in one place in just 2 minutes! No paperwork need. No IT code needed.

What We Offer

We aim to help you grow your business through social media ecommerce platform and make offer you a new revenue stream.

Increase in Sales & Revenue

Boost your ROI by up to 20% in just few months with a smart ecommerce system that interacts and guide customers through out their customer journey-all in just one platform.

Recovery on Lost Sales

Bring back lost customers and give them a seamless shopping experience on social media sites and website. Make your business closer to your customers.

Keep All of Your Sales

Simple. No Commission asked. We’ll handle your social media ecommerce system with no hidden commissions.