Ordering Experience

Let's see what customer experience looks like...

A Step-by-Step Guide to your Customer's Ordering Experience!! 

STEP 1 - Getting Started
STEP 2 - Enter Store - Option A
  • There are 2 ways to order:

  • Tap the button on the slide to view the items you want to purchase.

    Both options lead you to the E-Commerce store.

STEP 2 - Enter Store - Option B
  • Tap the three lines, located at the right bottom of the screen.

    Both options lead you to the E-Commerce store.

STEP 3 - Choose The Products Your Like
  • Whether we select Option A or Option B, it will lead you to this store view.

    A. Browse Categories

    – You may choose product category wish to order

    B. Search Products

    – You may enter the specific product you want.

    Let’s now add product to your Cart.

STEP 4 - Choose The Product
    • After searching the product you want to buy, you will see the Product Name, Amount, Description (if available) and Availability.
    • Tap the photo then you can Swipe to view more photos (if available)

    Hmm. Sarap ng Pork Adobo!

STEP 5 - Add Products in Your Cart
    • Scroll up at the bottom right of the screen, tap ADD TO CART.
    • Otherwise tap BACK button to return

STEP 6 - Selecting More Products
  • Option A: You may go to your cart by choosing the green text

    Go to Cart”.

    Option B: You may also add more products in your cart by clicking

    “All Products” then tap the (cart image) button.

STEP 7 - Checkout Your Order
    • You may add quantity of your order/s
    • Check-out your products in your cart by tapping the “CHECKOUT”

STEP 8 - Fill Out Your Billing Details - Part 1
  • Enter your:

    • First Name.
    • Last Name.
    • Phone Number.
    • Email Address.

    Next, is your Shipping Address.

    • Shipping Address.
    • Street.

    Scroll down to complete the form…

STEP 8 - Enter Shipping Details - Part 2 Details
  • Enter your Shipping Address:

    • Barangay
    • Province
    • City
    • Zip Code

    Lastly, tap  “SUBMIT”.

    Alright! Let’s Review our Purchase!

STEP 9 - View Your Product And Enter Delivery Option
    • You can view the Product, Price, Quantity and Amount.
    • Now, you have an option to choose our wide range of Delivery and Payment
    • Select your Delivery Option that is available within your area.

STEP 10 - Select Your Payment Option
    • After choosing the Delivery Option, you are now ready to pay for the products.
    • Select your preferred payment options.

    OPTION A: Paypal

    OPTION B: Credit Card

    OPTION C: 711 / ECPay

    OPTION D: GCash

    OPTION E: Online Bank Transfer

    OPTION F: Paymaya

    • In this step, we selected “Paypal” for our payment option

STEP 11 - Confirm Your Payment Option - Part 1
    • A dialog box will appear to confirm your order
    • Tap “YES” if you want to proceed “NO” if you want to go back and change.

STEP 11 - Confirm Your Payment Option - Part 2
    • A dialog box will appear showing that you have successfully entered the payment option.

    Tap “Ok” to proceed and finally confirm your order.

STEP 12 - Order Confirmation
    • Your order is now confirmed.
    • You will receive a message from Facebook Messenger that will provide a link to proceed with your payment.

    Tap the link to redirect on the PayPal page.

STEP 13 - Order Payment
    • You are now being redirected to the page.

    Next, you will enter your bank or reference number.

STEP 14 - Fill Out Payment Details
    • Enter your log-in credentials

             EMAIL ADDRESS


    • Click “Log In”.

    You will no longer receive an OTP (One-Time Password) as this application is bank-integrated.

STEP 15 - Enter Payment Details - Part 1
    • You may now able to view the product and shipping details.
    • Tap “Continue” to proceed with the payment.

STEP 15 - Enter Payment Details - Part 2
    • Kindly wait while the payment is being processed.

STEP 15 - Enter Payment Details - Part 3
  • You will receive a dialog box says that your payment is successful.


    Then, tap “Done”

STEP 16 - Payment Confirmation Via Messenger (for Customer)
    • You will receive a notification via Messenger, SMS and Email once the product has been paid.

    Here’s the message in Messenger.

STEP 17 - Payment Confirmation via SMS(for Customer)
  • Here’s the SMS notification.

STEP 18 - Payment Confirmation Via Email (for Customer)
  • Here’s the Email notification.

STEP 19 - Confirmed Order Notification Via SMS (for Merchant)
    • Here’s the example of the SMS Notification.

    Along with the notification message, Merchants will receive a link redirecting to the webpage of the E-Commerce.


STEP 20 - Confirmed Order Notification via Email (for Merchants)
    • Here’s the example of an Email Notification for Merchants.

    To view and process the order, click “View Details” on the email, and Merchants will be redirected to the webpage of the E-Commerce.