Payment thru ECPay 7-11

Let's see what customer experience looks like...

STEP 1 - Selecting Payment 711/ECPay - Option C
    • Choose 711/EcPay as your payment option
    • Tap “Proceed to Checkout”

STEP 2 - Confirm Your Orders - Part 1
    • Tap Yes, to proceed. Or No, if you wish to go back.

STEP 3 - Payment Notification - Part 2
  • Yey! You are now ready to pay in your nearest 711 or ECPay Branch. Go Go Go!

    Tap Ok, to proceed.

STEP 4 - Order Confirmation
    • You will also receive a message confirmation in your messenger with payment instruction.

STEP 4 - Payment Instruction - Step 2
    • You will also receive a payment instruction as to how to navigate the Kiosk at 711.
    • Once paid, you will receive a payment confirmation.


STEP 5 - Payment Confirmed
    • Yey!  Your order is in-process. Your merchant will update you for the status of your order.

    Can’t wait to taste the Pork Adobo! Enjoy!