Payment thru GCash

Here's a guide to pay your bill thru GCash App as a payment option

We're here to provide you a Step-by-Step Guide on how will a customer pay with a GCash Mobile Application.

STEP 1: Selecting GCash
    • Choose GCash on the dropdown menu as your payment option.
    • Tap PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to continue

STEP 2: Confirm Your Orders
    • A dialog box will appear to confirm your payment option
    • Tap Yes to proceed, No if you wish to go back

STEP 3: Proceed With GCash
    • Tap Ok, to proceed with GCash.

STEP 4: Order Confirmation
    • Your order is now confirmed!
    • You will receive a message in your Facebook Messenger that provides these details:

    – Payment Details (use details for the payment option you selected)

    – Order Reference No.

    – Total Amount

    • Let’s open your Bank App to process your payment

STEP 5: Using GCash App - Part 1
    • Open your GCash App to process your payment
    • Enter your 4-Digit MPIN to open your account

    After entering the MPIN, your Gcash account will be opened

STEP 5: Using GCash App - Part 2
    • Make sure you have sufficient balance to pay your order
    • Tap Send Money

STEP 5: Using GCash App - Part 3
    • Tap Express Send to proceed sending money

STEP 5: Using GCash App - Part 4
    • Enter Merchant’s GCash number stated in the order confirmation.
    • Enter the total amount of your order
    • Tap DONE to proceed

STEP 5: Using GCash App - Part 5
    • The total amount of your transaction and recipient’s information will be shown here
    • It is optional to enter a short message here
    • Tap CONFIRM if the details are correct and to proceed

STEP 5: Using GCash App - Part 6
    • Save your receipt and reference number.
    • Let’s send it to the Facebook Page Messenger of your merchant

STEP 6: Enter Reference Number
    • Open your Facebook Messenger and select the Facebook Page Name of your merchant
    • Then, enter the GCash reference number

STEP 7: Confirm Your Reference Number
    • After entering your reference number, tap SUBMIT to confirm, if you want to resend a reference number, tap CHANGE REFERENCE NUMBER.
    • Few more steps and we’re done…

STEP 8: Order In-Process
    • Yey! Your order is in-process. Your merchant will update you for the status of your order.

STEP 9: Order Confirmation
    • Finally! You will receive a notification in your FB Messenger and SMS that your order is now confirmed and lead time of your delivery!

    Can’t wait to taste the Pork Adobo! Enjoy!