Payment thru Credit Card

Here's a guide to pay your bill thru Credit Card as a payment option

We're here to provide you a Step-by-Step Guide on how will a customer pay with Credit Card:

STEP 1- Selecting Credit Card
    • Choose Credit Card on the dropdown menu as your payment option.
    • Tap PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to continue

STEP 2 - Confirming Payment Option – Part 1
    • A dialog box will appear to confirm your payment option
    • Tap Yes to proceed, No if you wish to go back

STEP 2 - Confirming Payment Option – Part 2
    • A dialog box will appear showing that you have successfully entered the payment option

    Tap Ok to proceed and finally confirm your order. Yay!

STEP 3 - Order Confirmation
    • Your order is now confirmed.
    • You will receive a message from Facebook Messenger that will provide a button to proceed with your payment.
    • Tap the button to redirect on the Debit or Credit Card Page

STEP 4 - Fill Out Payment Details - Part 1
    • Click Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card to proceed.

    You will no longer receive an OTP(One-Time Password) as this application is a bank-integrated.

STEP 4 - Fill Out The Payment Details - Part 2
    • Fill-out the ff. details (based on the details in your Credit Card):


    Card Number



    First Name

    Last Name

    Continue scrolling…

STEP 4 - Fill Out The Payment Details - Part 3
    • Let’s continue filling-out with:

    – Street name, house number, subdivision

    – Baranagay / District

    – City / Municipality

    – ZIP Code

    – Province / Region

    • Put a tick mark in the small box located in the lower left if you agree to ship the products in your billing address.
    • Fill-in your mobile number
    • Continue scrolling, we’re almost done…

STEP 4 - Fill Out The Payment Details - Part 4
    • Enter your email address
    • If you don’t want a PayPal account, choose No, I don’t want an account now
    • Tap Continue to proceed and submit the details you have entered

STEP 5 - Payment Confirmation
    • A dialog box appears stating that your payment was successful. Amazing!
    • Close the dialog box

STEP 6 - Payment Confirmation Via Messenger(for Customer)
    • You will receive a notification via Messenger, SMS and Email once the product has beed paid.

    Here’s the message in Messenger.