Payment Tracking

Here's a guide to track your customers' payments

STEP 1 - Payment Notification - Via SMS
    • You will receive a Notification via SMS and Email after your customer has paid and sent a reference number in Facebook Messenger
    • For SMS Notification, you will receive a link to check and verify their payment.
    • click the
    • This will redirect you to your ISIP sign-in page




STEP 1 - Payment Notification - Via Email
    • You will receive an Email Notification from which includes order number, processing days and order details of your customer.

STEP 2 - Sign in Your ISIP Account
    • Here is the sign-in page of ISIP
    • Tap the Facebook Logo to automatically sign in with your ISIP Account.

STEP 3 - ISIP Account
    • You are now signed in with ISIP
    • Here, you can see your account
    • Tap the 3 lines-button to view menus

STEP 4 - Selecting Payment Tracking
    • A preview of menu will appear
    • Tap Payment Tracking to view all pending payments

STEP 5 - Verifying Payment – Part 1
    • All Payments status are viewed here:
      • Pending
      • Verified
      • Not Verified
    • A reference number or image will be viewed here. This is what our customers have sent in our Facebook Messenger.
    • Swipe to the left to left to view all details

STEP 5 - Verifying Payment – Part 2
    • The order details: who and when the orders was created will be viewed here.
    • Tick mark the check box then tap the Mark as Verified button to verify payment.
    • Marking this verified indicates that a merchant already received the payment.

STEP 5 - Verifying Payment – Part 3
    • A pop-up confirmation message will appear
    • To proceed, tap “Yes” button
    • This is a confirmation if you want to submit what you have marked as verified.

STEP 6 - Verified Payments – Part 1
    • You can see the verified payments in the Verified Tab
    • Select Verified in the drop down menu

STEP 6 - Verified Payments – Part 2
    • After selecting Verified, you will see all the payments that you had verified.